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Partner Monthly

Each new employee at Sari Bari goes through a six-month training period before they begin full-time work. During this time, the women learn to sew and receive valuable life skills that empower them to transition out of the sex trade. Each day of this crucial period of time involves many steps toward new life. 

 Training Partnership:

 One woman for one month: $45

 One woman’s complete training: $270


Training sponsorships cover costs for: a monthly stipend during training period; sewing classes and materials; literacy and numerical literacy training; life skills education including nutrition, budgeting, etc.; mental health support groups; play therapy; a full medical check-up; eye exam and glasses if needed; celebrations to mark significant achievements; graduation gift.


Add TRAINING to your shopping cart or text TRAINING to 260-296-2628 to support one woman's first steps toward freedom and a new life.