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Sari Bari is Laying a Foundation for Heroes

In 2015, Sari Bari is deepening its commitment to freedom and prevention by laying a foundation for a new generation of heroes. As Sari Bari opens the doors to a new unit, young women who are aging out of aftercare and vulnerable to re-trafficking will find opportunities for economic security and continued trauma recovery.

We believe that through dignity-affirming employment in a restorative environment, young women who have survived trafficking can:

  • Reduce their vulnerability to being re-trafficked
  • Build financial security
  • Find social empowerment
  • Engage in holistic restoration
  • Reintegrate themselves into society
  • Create lasting change in their families and communities

At Sari Bari, women who have survived human trafficking become heroes. 


  • Securing a new building and production equipment for a safe work environment
  • Providing job training to vulnerable young women for sustainable employment
  • Ensuring the women are supported through social service programming

Sari Bari Private Limited is a for-profit business. But we also have a non-profit arm through Sari Bari USA 501(3)C that allows us to receive donations. Your gifts allow us to offer support to the women and children in the red light areas as they journey toward freedom from the sex trade. 

For donations by check

You may send your gifts in the form of check or money order payable Sari Bari USA to the following address: Sari Bari / 4277 E Country RD 150/ Logansport, IN 46947


Sari Bari USA will receipt you for all gifts made by check or money order. As a courtesy to you, they will also provide a year-end summary of giving.