Well Woman Check up

Well Woman Checkup

All employees of Sari Bari have medical coverage through health insurance, but in order to also ensure the woman can secure preventative care, Sari Bari provides Well Woman Checkups – a comprehensive health screening – for each woman upon completion of training and every other year thereafter for as long as she works at Sari Bari.  Through these preventative screenings, we have been able to identify and respond to healthcare needs ranging from blood pressure, cholesterol, STD’s, HIV and Cancer.


Well Woman Checkup Partnership: 

$40 per woman

Well Woman Checkup Sponsorships cover costs for:

·  General check-up in gynecology/cervical smear

·  HB, TC, DC, blood sugar

·  Urine and stool tests


·  Hepatitis B antigen tests

·  Chest x-ray

·  HIV tests

·  Thyroid function tests

·  EKG

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