Polaroid of women sewing Made from the Indian sari marked by a woman's name

Sari Bari is a business. Our mission is to offer freedom to women who are trapped in the sex trade and to provide opportunity to women who are vulnerable to trafficking. We do this by providing employment in a safe, loving environment, where women are trained as artisans. The women create beautiful, sustainable, handmade products, while making their lives new. We invite you to journey into the freedom story of one woman with your purchase.

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latest newsOct 5th
Meet the man behind Sari Bari
This is Upendra. Barely grazing 5 feet, he’s the man that holds the seams of Sari Bari together. He’s a pioneer of prevention. Servant leader. Sewing teacher. A faith-filled brother to all of us at Sari Bari. Upendra has been around since our inception. Back in 2006, when Sari Bari opened its doors with just three […]