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The Sari Bari Kalighat Unit, Sari Bari’s very first unit, has a new and permanent home! The 25 women of the KG Unit, including 4 young women hired through the Heroes Campaign initiative, reflect on how excited and hopeful they are in their new building.

“This is our new home. We are so grateful, and we know this will be a home for many more women.” 

On April 26th, the Kalightat unit moved to beautiful, 3 story building – a building that will give this unit space to more than double in size. The KG unit will continue to hire women who are exiting or who are vulnerable to being forced into Kolkata’s red-light areas. In addition, as part of Sari Bari’s commitment to the prevention of re-trafficking, 15-20 more spaces will be reserved for young women who have been rescued from red-light areas and referred to Sari Bari by aftercare organizations.

From the 18 year-old post-aftercare trainees who have been at Sari Bari for seven months, to the “aunties” who have been at Sari Bari for over 10 years, there is a renewed sense of deep ownership, pride, and hope through the whole unit.

“We have such a big unit now… we can bring many more girls and women here, and they can find freedom like us! We’ll help them, and we’ll encourage them. We’ll do this freedom work together.”


New hand sewing training starts this month, and a new cohort of aftercare organization referrals will start training in the summer. The Sari Bari Heroes House is ready to grow!

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