Q. How frequently are new shipments posted to the web store?

A.  New shipments are posted to the web store every four to six weeks.

Q. How do I receive updates about Sari Bari shipments?

A.  Send an email to info@saribari.com with the subject “Email List,” and you will begin receiving our Sari Bari e-newsletter, which is sent every time the web store is updated. You will also receive general information about Sari Bari news.

Q.  I bought a bag from your store, but it doesn’t show as “Sold.” Did my order go through?

A.  Yes. While every Sari Bari product is handmade and unique, we can make up to 8 bags from the same sari. For bags only, the photo on the site may represent up to 8 bags made from the same sari. There may be minor differences, such as patch placement, but your bag is nearly identical to the product in the photo.

Q. I would love a king-sized quilt but don’t see any available right now. Is it possible to custom order one?

A.  Absolutely. We take custom orders for twin, queen, and king quilts. Please email info@saribari.com with the one or two primary colors you would like, and your quilt will be made just for you. Please allow 16-20 weeks for order fulfillment.  

Q. Is my order tax-deductible?

A.  No, purchases of Sari Bari products are not tax-deductable, but all giving for Holistic Support Programs are tax-deductable. Please visit saribari.org or the Give section of the Sari Bari online store to add a donation to your shopping cart.

Q. I would like to make a bulk order. Do you offer bulk discounts?

A.  We do, for orders of 100 pieces or more. Please email info@saribari.com with the details of what product and how many you would like. Please remember that our products are made in Kolkata, India, and bulk orders are usually made to order, so it will take 12-16 weeks for your order to be filled.  

Q. How do I wash my unique Sari Bari product?

A. Blankets can be machine washed on the gentle cycle in cold water and dried in the dryer on low. Bags vary by style but we recommend hand washing with minimal soaking time and hang dry. Do not soak bamboo handles in water.

 Q. How long can I expect my Sari Blanket to last?

A. We hope your Sari Bari blanket will be an heirloom and a treasure for many years to come. If you treat the blanket with kindness, it should last for a long, long time.

Q. How long has Sari Bari been in business?

A. Sari Bari was established as a single proprietorship in 2006 and became an Indian Private Limited Company in 2009. Sari Bari was established to manufacture handmade products out of recycled cotton saris while providing employment as a tool for freedom for women trapped in the sex trade and a means of prevention for those who are vulnerable to trafficking. We now employ close to 120 women in four locations. Click here for more details.

Q. What happens to the profits from Sari Bari?

A. All the profits from the business benefit the women of Sari Bari and their families and are used to create opportunities for freedom for more women. Click here for more details.

Q. What can I do to become part of the story?

A. We believe there is a place for everyone to become part of the Sari Bari story. Not only can you buy Sari Bari products, you can recommend them to shops and recruit new outlets in your area. Perhaps your place of employment is looking for innovative business gifts or your church or school is having a fair where you can host a booth promoting Sari Bari. Join the Sari Bari story and help us to build that connection. Click here for more information.

Q. How do I become a retailer or sell at my church or school?

A. If you want to become a retailer or agent of Sari Bari products, please email info@saribari.com.

Q. This is great, but I still have more questions.

A. There is more information through out the saribari.comsite and on saribari.org.  And as always ee are happy to help!  For any other questions, email info@saribari.com.