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Sari Bari has formed strong relationships with some amazing distributors worldwide. Each distributor is passionate about stocking products that bring freedom and life to the artisans who make them. They stock products that are not only beautifully-crafted, but that also transform lives and communities.

Sari Bari
“We choose to distribute because I know the opportunity that Sari Bari offers changes lives. I’ve watched women come into Sari Bari, who were broken and unconfident, be transformed into leaders.
I believe in Sari Bari’s mission because I know it works. I know it’s the employees of Sari Bari that will bring the greatest change in the red light areas where they live. They are the ones who can speak life into women who are still trapped and need hope.
I love Sari Bari products because they are both high quality and deeply meaningful. Sari Bari’s products are always perfectly made and skilfully-designed. There’s a very personal touch involved because each product offers the buyer a chance to know whom they are supporting.” – Kristin Keen, Rethreaded Executive Director (and Sari Bari Co-founder)
Better Way Imports
To The Market
Trade for Freedom
“Sari Bari creates a beautiful, high quality product that we felt would suit our market. After one pilot order, which sold out within three weeks, we learned our intuition was correct and we were able to begin sourcing and distributing Sari Bari products in bulk quite quickly. We love Sari Bari's products because of the quality; the meaningful stitch and patches; the lovely fabrics; the thoughtful designs that include key components such as plentiful pockets and brass buckles; and the variety of styles that place themselves within anyone’s budget.”
Justice Ventures
United Kingdom 
Global Seesaw
“We started distributing Sari Bari products in 2008. We share Sari Bari’s values and see them as freedom friends and love that we can partner with them in working towards our shared cause.
Sari Bari products are beautiful, unique, hand-crafted items that are always adored and admired by our customers. We love the color and uniqueness of a Sari Bari product, and are always excited to receive the next order and bring more opportunity for freedom and employment.”


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If you live in a different region, don’t worry - you may still be able to buy Sari Bari’s products! Email info@saribari.com to find out how you can receive our products, where ever you live.