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Sari Bari is excited to partner with STIRR as they launch on International Women's Day, March 8, 2017.  You can host a meal with authentic recipes from the homes of women in India and participate not only the gift of the shared table but also a meal that brings hope to women. This month STIRR is featuring an Chai recipe from a woman at Sari Bari and tasty recipes from a woman at a fellow Freedom Business, The Loyal Workshop.  If you want to host a meal on March 8th or sometime this month, please visit for your guide on how to host a meal and share a story of freedom. (grab your kit today--the link expires March 8th)

(from the STIRR website)

is about sharing stories of hope & freedom through the experience of food.
You will have access to Indian recipes shared from the clay stoves of rural India to the urban alleys of Kolkata. Each Indian woman shares with us her story of hope and courage while she cooks recipes that she has learned throughout her lifetime or by the passing down of generations.
Rather than feeling overwhelmed by hundreds of spices, we will take you through them one at a time. Explore and have fun while incorporating new ingredients into what you are already cooking. Before you know it, you will be serving full-on Indian meals.
Each woman you will meet is bravely fighting to stay away from the claws of the sex trade. Their stories show light and beauty, despite the darkness that lurks closeby. STIRR celebrates these human strengths and qualities in all of us. No matter where you are in the world, there is a community who is fighting to find freedom and hope together.
(All photos by Calvina Nguyen)