Sari Bari USA is closed for orders. Thank you for your amazing support!

We hope it’s not hard to imagine being inspired by what you encounter when you walk through the doors of a Sari Bari Production Unit.  Sari Bari is a creative place.  We make stuff out of pretty fabric and we around surrounded everyday with color and pattern.   More importantly, inspiration comes from the women themselves.  When you look into the women’s  faces you see, their light, their warmth and the colors of their personalities and inspiration always comes.

We see creativity in each woman at Sari Bari. Their personalities are reflected in the colors and patterns they choose when pick the Sari Blanket that they want to make next.   Yet their creativity is beyond their individual stitches or skills. These heroic women have creatively solved some pretty serious problems and are finding a new way to live.  And it truly takes a lot of creativity and courage to imagine a new life for your self.

Sari Bari continually desires to create a space where creativity and hope come together. The women of Sari Bari are practicing creative living daily by moving forward, stitch by stitch, creating a beautiful and tangible piece of art with not only their hands but with their very lives. Check back this month, we’ll be sharing the stories behind some of our favorite products and following a new product in the works from start to finish. Maybe your favorite product will be there!

And don’t forget to keep up with the Sari Bari blog, our Voices for Hope series is in full swing. This month you’ll hear from one of dedicated stateside Sari Bari staff, Merilee Newsham. She’s the one who makes sure all our beautiful products make it to your door step. You’ll also hear from Sarah Lin, Co-founder and Chief Blankie Crafter at elliefunday. We look forward to them sharing their voices with us and look forward to hearing from you!