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My name is Hasina and I have been working at Sari Bari for more than 11 years.  I work in the quality control department doing final quality checks on Sari Bari Bags.

What’s different about your life since working at Sari Bari?

This job has given me an opportunity to start a new life.  I have learned how to be apart of a community, how to be a part of a family.  I am really satisfied with my job.  Sari Bari helped me and family receive the benefits of health insurance and we have been able to receive needed treatment. 

I am have changed my life and become more independent since leaving my previous life, I became stronger and I don’t have to depend a my partner.

What do you want the Sari Bari customer to know?

I hope our customers know about our freedom journey—how far we have come from where we began and how many changes we have experienced along the way.