Sari Bari USA is closed for orders. Thank you for your amazing support!

Hi, I’m Madhumita.  I have worked for Sari Bari for the last eight years of my life! I feel respected and supported working here; I always have. My job has generally been to sew our Sari Bari blankets; however, it has become a challenge for me with my health. I’ve learned to be happy making small bags and baby blankets. I’ve learned a lot. Sari Bari has taught me confidence and determination. I am more focused in whatever I do in life; personal or professional.  I feel far more self-assured, stable and smart. Before I joined Sari Bari, I was solely a housewife. I was so hesitant when speaking with anyone, and I was scared. It was daunting before, but now I can face anyone and speak proudly. Working here has allowed me to earn money. I’m able to contribute to my family and support my son in his education, which relieves a great deal of stress. I want you to know that I work incredibly hard to make worthy products for you. I want your things to last. I want you to know this job is my source of income, my food, but it’s more than that. This job is my only way to freedom.