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Fort Wayne, IN September 7, 2018 – Sari Bari USA, Inc. is excited to host the public launch of its new, Fort Wayne location. Sari Bari, led by Sarah Lance who was the winner of the Opus Prize for Social Entrepreneurship in 2016, partners with women in India by offering employment to those who have been exploited by the sex industry or who are vulnerable to human trafficking. The women of Sari Bari are treated with dignity, love, and respect while receiving fair wages and opportunities to participate in programs to ensure a healthy future for them and their families as well as education for their children.

The women of Sari Bari are trained as artisans and create beautiful, sustainable and handmade products celebrating the ancient Bengali art form called Kantha (pronounced “kan-tha,” it means “old cloth”). Women motivated by poverty and a need to keep their families warm have made kantha for hundreds of years. In the traditional Kantha style, five layers of used saris are sewn together with a single running stitch to make a quilted blanket that is both functional and beautiful. Once the blanket is finished, Bengali women "sign" their pieces with their name, a mark of pride and identity. Such blankets are passed on as heirlooms to future generations. In the same way each woman traditionally signs their work, Sari Bari products are signed by their maker as the Kantha is used in the creation of bags, pillows, and other beautiful and useful products.

“The launch of our Fort Wayne location as the new headquarters for US operations is strategic. We have met many who have a passion to see women find strength and empowerment of their own. We believe we are among like-minded people.” Says David Grant, Executive Director of Sari Bari USA, Inc. “In Fort Wayne, we see innovative development designed to encourage and support young families and individuals who will contribute to the future of this city. We feel a kinship with those desires, and believe Sari Bari products speak to that same ingenuity. We hope to be a part of this community where we can continue sharing the voice of the women of Sari Bari, encouraging others to make choices that support the health, dignity, and freedom for others. We believe we will grow to contribute to Fort Wayne and are excited to call this our new home.”

Once launched, the Sari Bari storefront will be open during business hours (9am to 4pm M-F) as well as for holidays and special events for shoppers and those interested in learning more about the organization. Special events will be hosted regularly to raise awareness to the issue of human trafficking and to support various local organizations with the use of the space.

As a celebration of the new location, a public launch is scheduled for September 15 from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm for shoppers and friends to stop by, see the product, and learn more.

We hope you will spend the day in our beautiful town, and include a visit to our new location.

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About Sari Bari USA, Inc.

Sari Bari USA, Inc. is a A 501(c)(3) organization located at 1008 North Wells Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808. Sari Bari USA, Inc. engages in strategic partnerships to create employment and educational opportunities for populations vulnerable to human trafficking and impacted by sexual exploitation. For more information, call 260-420-8518 or visit

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