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Posts tagged: Hero

A Hero Among us: Mousomi

“Mousomi” is my Bengali name. Melissa is too hard to remember, so the first time I ever walked into Sari Bari I was given a name the ladies could remember. Suddenly I became “Mousomi.” A name called with love. A...

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Little Lokki: Everyday Sari Bari Hero

Her laughter is contagious. Lokki starts laughing, and the little chuckle never seems to stop… it is passed on to the others sitting near her, and then those in the next room who are beginning to ask, “What is going...

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Chobi: A Sari Bari Hero

Every two years we give our ladies the opportunity to have full health check-ups done. From the check-ups, we have found many health issues our ladies would have otherwise not known about until they were horribly sick. For Chobi, this...

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My hero: Laxmi

I think I know myself with a reasonable amount of certitude. A little bit stubborn, a profound sense of justice, a little bit volatile, compassionate, some would say hard on the outside and friends who know me well would say...

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Sari Bari Heros: Minu Ma #3

To walk into the Sari Bari office is to enter into the unknown. Each new day offers little consistency with the last, as one task or list of things to do quickly becomes secondary to more pressing issues. The lives...

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When I grow up, I want to be like Bharoti

When I grow up, I want to be like Bharoti. A woman of strength, tenacity, and deep love. We are kindred spirits of sorts, and partners in advocacy to say the least. Bharoti advocates for her family. When her son...

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