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Meet the Founder | Part 5: Moving Forward

"The dream of Sari Bari has always been about the women of Sari Bari. So I am believing that they will take it into this next phase." - Sarah Lance In this final video in our five-part Meet the Founder...

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Meet the Founder | Part 4: Hope

" was...freedom embodied. It was hope made tangible. There were legs to freedom. It was a job and an opportunity. Not just to find physical freedom, but emotional and spiritual freedom as well." -Sarah Lance In part four of our...

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Meet the Founder | Part 3: Sisterhood

"We are a family, and when you are a family, the women you are working with are your sisters. I think that changes how you, that changed how we, have engaged with another. Because we're family. We're in it together." -...

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Meet the Founder | Part 2: Freedom

"Freedom is... a woman at Sari Bari being able to sign her name for the first time. Freedom for ME is being able to be a witness to that.." - Sarah Lance Watch the video below to meet Sarah Lance, founder...

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Meet the Founder | Part 1: The Beginning

"I immediately when she asked said...yes..I'll do it. I did not know how big of a yes I was saying at that time."   We are so thrilled to be sharing with you our 5-part mini-series: Meet the Founder, with...

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