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Thank You, Sarah

Dear Friends, This year, Sari Bari celebrated fourteen years of New Life in the Making. Throughout those years we have experienced many leadership transitions. New leaders entered into our family, while others have grown from within the company. Sarah Lance,...

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A critical journey | Sarah Lance

There are a lot of building blocks, thousands of pieces to be put in place, to create the opportunity for one woman to find a lifetime of sustainable freedom from sexual exploitation.  Some of the pieces are well-known: mental health...

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My Journey With Rina

When I think of all the strength we need to get through the day, all the resilience needed for the women to pick themselves up and make a new life, I am both inspired and very tired!  I have had...

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Meet the Founder | Part 2: Freedom

"Freedom is... a woman at Sari Bari being able to sign her name for the first time. Freedom for ME is being able to be a witness to that.." - Sarah Lance Watch the video below to meet Sarah Lance, founder...

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Meet the Founder | Part 1: The Beginning

"I immediately when she asked said...yes..I'll do it. I did not know how big of a yes I was saying at that time."   We are so thrilled to be sharing with you our 5-part mini-series: Meet the Founder, with...

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Still She Rises | 13 years on a freedom journey

The women I have had the privilege of working with at Sari Bari long ago disabused me of the notion that they would be living their lives as victims. The very step of taking a job that provides a tangible...

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