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Posts tagged: Voices for Hope 2013

Voices For Hope: Sarah Lance

  Sari Bari celebrates “men’s day” once year.  Something we actually started last year, which was born out of the imagination and desire to celebrate the very good men who work for us.  They are few but heroic in their...

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Voices for Hope: Kyle Scott

  I haven’t had a voice for almost four months now. I guess I should say I haven’t been able to sing. Because of something called a nodule on my vocal chords, I’ve been unable to push my voice without...

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Voices for Hope: Calvina Nguyen

  What does hope look like? Depending on where we’re standing, hope looks different to everyone. For some it’s far and unattainable, to others close and personal, then there are those who don’t even know it exists.   I’m a...

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Voices for Hope: Kerry Hilton

Freeset is far from the perfect community. We’re a bunch of imperfect people, with more joining the community all the time. As we journey we make lots of mistakes along the way. There are lots of freedom stories to celebrate...

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Voices For Hope: Omar Garcia

  While on a recent trip to work with our justice partners in Kolkata, I set aside a morning to take a walking tour of the city’s back streets. As Ifte, my friend and guide, was talking, a man carrying...

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Voices for Hope: Walter Forcatto

I have never been to a Sari Bari unit, though someday I surely do hope to have the privilege of doing so.   Yet, the many pictures I have seen of the women sitting on the floor sewing, eating, playing or...

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