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A job paying living wages. A safe place to live.  Healthy meals. A visit to the doctor. Treatment for disease. These are the essentials of a healthy life, often unavailable to women and girls working in the commercial sex trade. One of Sari Bari’s desires is to break down the barriers that prevent women from accessing appropriate medical care and treatment.

When a woman at Sari Bari completes training, she has a Well Woman Check-Up. These check-ups involve a comprehensive health screening that she will receive every other year, for as long as she works at Sari Bari. Through these preventative screenings, we have been able to identify and respond to healthcare needs ranging from blood pressure and cholesterol to STDs, HIV, and cancer.

“Most of the women who test positive at Sari Bari did not know they were positive until we did a Well Woman Check up”

-Melissa, Former Director of Aftercare

Women working in the commercial sex industry are 13 times more at risk of HIV compared with the general population. (UNAIDS) Currently, 11 women at Sari Bari are undergoing treatment for HIV/AIDS. Each one of these 11 women has taken charge of their health and the associated challenges and go to monthly doctors’ appointments, refill prescriptions, take care of their bodies with vitamins and healthy eating, supplemented with Sari Bari’s help.   At first, an HIV/AIDS diagnosis can be overwhelming or terrifying for many women, and they often will not believe they are strong enough to conquer it. HIV/AIDS is still misunderstood in India and anyone with a positive diagnosis is often outcasted and isolated.  However, with the help of the Sari Bari Aftercare Team, the women receive encouragement and support. They continue learning about their disease and how to stay healthy.

 “I think initially the women see themselves as the victim. All of that is fear in not knowing. One of the things we tell them is that they will live a long and healthy life. You are not alone. There is medicine available. You will watch your children grow up. There are a lot of ways this disease can go, but there is still hope. There is empowerment and accompaniment.”

-Melissa, Former Director of Aftercare

Through freedom at Sari Bari, women have access to life-saving treatment. While primary medical care for each woman is received through the government of India, secondary care is provided through Sari Bari’s Medical Insurance Program. This can include medical tests not covered by insurance; nutritional support; financial supplement for missed time at work; and a monthly regimen of vitamins. Without support, many women with this diagnosis fail to get the treatment needed and are unable to follow the complicated rules around medicines required. With your help, we can ensure that each woman at Sari Bari has access to everything she needs to live a long, healthy life. 

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