2019 Sari Bari Quilt Auction


Join us for the 2019 Sari Bari Quilt Auction this October.  We will be featuring handmade quilts for Auction and Raffle from more than 13 quilters around the world. We will be running two back to back auctions with 5-6 quilts in each auction.  All of the quilts have been created primarily out of cotton sari's in spirit of all things Sari Bari.  Recycled cotton sari's are not easy to work with so props to all our amazing quilters!  You can meet the quilters here. 

Plus we will be live auctioning one quilt on October 18th at the Mukti Bazaar in Fort Wayne, IN. All the quilts were created from recycled Sari's and the proceeds from the Auction directly benefit the women of Sari Bari and the programs that support their freedom journey.  Check back here to link directly to auction when it goes live.  The opening bid for all quilts ranges from $25 to $100

Is bidding out of your budget?

Buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win the only quilt made by Sari Bari in this years auction.  The raffle will run from October 10-18th.  Raffle winner will be notified on Monday, October 21st.


The last two quilts will be live auctioned as a set at Mukti Bazaar on October 18th in Fort Wayne, IN.  If you wish to bid on this quilt, you may call and place your silent bid at the Sari Bari office.

 See the preview of all the quilts to be auctioned below. 


All Lined Up

Quilter name: Reba

Dimensions: 92” x 90” King/Queen

Quilt Description:  This is the Sari Bari contribution to the Quilt Auction.  Pieced together by a woman who has freedom, Jillik, and hand stitched by Reba. This king size beauty tool 3 weeks to hand-stitch.  Created out of new sari scraps this quilt has all the colors of the rainbow.  Filled with cotton sari, the front and back are both pieced giving you a choice of which colorful side you like better.

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What a Beautiful World

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Quilter name: Kristi Smith

Dimensions: 38” x 50”

Quilt Description:  Soft blues and greens make you feel serene.  Plus this quilt is beautifully pieced with hand stitched detail, perfect for your lap or baby. Backed with cotton muslin.


 Sweet Lavender

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Quilter name: Tomomi McElwee

Dimensions: 91’ x 81” Full/Queen

Quilt Description:  The feeling of walking through a lavender field is what this made us think of, soft and welcoming.  Beautiful machine quilting and backed with Sari this quilt stands out.


Feeling Fall

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Quilter name: Mothers and Daughters Quilt Ministries

Dimensions: 41” x 60”

 Quilt Description: This throw is weighty with layers of Sari filling, pieced and knotted, with hand stitching details.  It will add the colors of fall to your space.



The Star of the Show

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Quilter name: Cathey Newhouse

Dimensions: 57”  x 68”

 Quilt Description: A beautiful multi colored work of art has us all starry eyed!  Machine quilted and backed with cotton Sari.



The Dream Coat

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Quilter name: Krista Helton

 Dimensions: 58 x 85" 

 Quilt Description:  An explosion of color that makes the heart sing!  We love this gorgeous bed topper, perfect for a cuddle on the couch, or a twin bed or even a topper for larger size. Machine quilted and backed cotton muslin.



AUCTION #2 | Begins October 13th 9pm

 Pleasantly Purple

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Quilter name: Kristi Smith

Dimensions: 50” x 54”

Quilt Description: Perfectly sized for a cuddle on the couch or for baby, this beauty has hand stitching details alongside a machine quilted finish. Backed and edged with purple cotton this will make your space bright.



My Freedom Journey

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Quilter name: Tomomi McElwee

Dimensions: 50” x 50”

 Quilt Description:  So many dimension, make this quilt a little like a Freedom Journey, many color and pieces adding value along the way.  Machine quilted, this baby or momma size lap blanket will bring your comfort with its softness. Backed with cotton sari.


The Garden Ladder

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Quilter name: Amanda Kenny

Dimensions: 93” x 79” Full/Queen

Quilt Description:  Beautifully finished with style and color, this large bedcover will make your space stand out. Backed with cotton muslin and machine quilted




The Sari Stunner

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Quilter name: Cynthia Whitnell

Dimensions: 53” x 64” Large Throw

Quilt Description: This quilt is truly stunning with each unique sari piece and part creating a visual party plus it’s uber soft! Multi-colored with a machine quilted finish, this quilt is backed in cotton sari.


The Little Engine that Could

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Quilter name: Melissa Burkhardt

Dimensions: 45” x60”

 Quilt Description:  Cozy and soft, this lap blanket is backed with fleece with knotted details bringing the piece together.



Red like my Heart

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Quilter name: Sarah Pennell

Dimensions: 88” x 61” twin

Quilt Description: Rich reds inspire us to think of warm hearts!  Beautifully pieced and machine quilted this twin sized quilt is weighted with layers of Sari and backed with cotton muslin.




The last two quilts will be live auctioned as a set at Mukti Bazaar on October 18th in Fort Wayne, IN.  If you wish to bid on this quilt, you may call and place your silent bid at the Sari Bari office.  You will be asked to provide your name and relevant details plus a credit card number which will only be charged if you win the auction.

To the Carnival

Quilter Name: Maddie Johnson

Dimensions: 26 x31

Quilt Description:  Loving all the color in this cute little number. Perfect for baby or even a table topper.  Machine quilted, backed with more sari!




Quilter name: Maddie Johnson

Dimensions: 101x73

Quilt Description:  Soaking in all the colors of this beauty woven together with love by multi-year Quilt Auction contributor Maddie Johnson.  This uber quilt grabbed our attention and we love the weight of it.  Machine quilted and back with a patchwork of even more cotton sari.