Our corporate partners provide important resources that facilitate our partnership with the women of Sari Bari. They play an important part in our success today and invest in the future of each freedom journey made with Sari Bari.


We would like to say a special "THANK YOU" to each of our corporate partners. 

Your investment makes freedom possible.


2019 Corporate Partners

Black Ink Financial
Black Ink
Financial Planning
Creative Cat Marketing Agency
Creative Cat
Marketing Agency
Daphne Eck
Daphne Eck Brand
Strategy and Writing
Factory North
Factory North
Heartland Insurance Partners
Insurance Partners
Sweetwater Sound
Chuck and Lisa Surack
and Sweetwater
True North Strategic Advisors
True North
Strategic Advisors


Become A Corporate Partner 

Why You Should Become a Corporate Partner?

Sari Bari was created to provide a choice — an economic option for women. Human trafficking and exploitation treats people like commodities. Those without a choice are used up in the process of making money. We believe business and opportunity is at the center of the fight to end human trafficking. We know many of our supporters share our belief. Your business can be a valuable resource for the future of Sari Bari. Investing in Sari Bari leverages the freedoms you have created through your business to partner with the women of Sari Bari for more freedom in the future. That is a meaningful partnership that provides great rewards for all of our success.

Partnering with Sari Bari provides an opportunity for your business to: 

  • Amplify Your Voice - Inspire others to join in an important cause. This says something powerful about who you AND who your customers are. In an age where social action is increasing in importance, your partnership may enable you to reach other like-minded individuals who will, in turn, become customers.
  • Build Your Tribe - Social initiatives increase customer loyalty as your patrons recognize their opportunity to impact beyond their purchase with those of common interests for freedom.
  • Increase Your "WHY" - Staff who work for socially conscious companies value the opportunity to work for important issues that impact others. Partnerships with work like ours will increase job satisfaction and help to retain passionate individuals to drive your business forward.

Become A Corporate Partner

You can easily make a donation, or, if you would like some help in thinking through your options, fill out the form below and someone will reach out to you shortly.