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The flurry of Christmas is over. You’re full of turkey, you’ve hit the malls for post-Christmas sales, and the whirlwind of family gatherings are coming to an end.

In a few hours, you’ll say goodbye to 2015, and a whole new year will begin, filled with hopeful vision for what lies ahead.

But before the next 365 days start their course, take a moment to stop.

Pause. Breathe.

We’re taking a moment to look back and become thankful for all that’s happened. We’re not sure about you, but it’s seemed like somewhat of a chatoic, but amazing, year. We’ve welcomed more women into our family, launched new product lines, and pursued an opportunity to buy a new building. We’ve seen women regain their confidence as they’ve graduated from training, and we’ve seen others step out into leadership roles.   

At times, it’s felt like we have had to overcome some daunting feats… like raising $250,000 to open a new building. Such a huge target, and yet through generous support, we made it! Now, in 2016, we’ll welcome more women into freedom.

We just wanted to take a small moment to say thank you. Thanks for being such amazing customers, advocates and friends. Without you, this year would not have been what it is.

Here’s to 2016… may it be filled with bigger dreams, clear vision and uncontained freedom.