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5 Women That Are Paving The Way

To honor the contributions of working women and employers who support working women and their families, we celebrate National Business Women’s Week (NBWW) during the third week of October.  National Business Women’s Week provides an opportunity to call attention to women entrepreneurs, facilitate...

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Why Ten Years Matters

Ten years is a long time. Your whole life can change in ten years. Ten years is a long enough time to grow up and in be in 4th grade already, right? They even have a name for when ten...

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2015… what a year it’s been!

The flurry of Christmas is over. You’re full of turkey, you’ve hit the malls for post-Christmas sales, and the whirlwind of family gatherings are coming to an end. In a few hours, you’ll say goodbye to 2015, and a whole...

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Christmas in Kolkata

Every family has their Christmas traditions, and Sari Bari is no different. Each year, there’s a myriad of color and activity as the women celebrate this important time of the year. Out come the balloons, streamers, music, presents and food…...

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Could you take this life-changing risk?

Imagine, for a moment, that you’ve taken the first step on a path, but you have no idea where it ends up. You’ve heard rumours that life is better at the end, but you’ve never seen it for yourself. Would...

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