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Sari Bari Quilt Project

Call for Quilters
Sari Bari would like to invite the partnership of experienced quilters and quilting circles. In the fall of 2012 we will hold a Quilt Raffle/ Auction to raise funds for Sari Bari. Sari Bari will produce 10 large quilts and would like to have 5 -10 quilts from gifted quilting artists like yourself. We hope to engage churches, schools and our friends around the world in this Raffle/Auction and hope to attract thousands of participants to raise funds for building purchase.

The funds will be used to purchase property for the Sari Bari Kalighat Unit, which was our founding unit. Rent prices are soaring in Kolkata and making ends meet with rent costs has become difficult. We hope by purchasing a space we will ensure the long-term possibility of freedom for women employed by Sari Bari in the Kalighat Red Light Area.

The following are the terms of participation:
We would like to engage your participation by asking you to share your quilting skills with the Sari Bari Community through the production of a quilt for our Quilt Auction/ Raffle. Sari Bari will provide the materials you will need to complete a Twin, Full or Queen size quilt made out of Saris. The quilt design and complexity will be up to the quilting artist. We would like to do the Sari Bari Quilt Raffle/Auction in October and we would need to receive the completed quilt no later than September 10, 2012 in order to photograph and prepare for Raffle or Auction. We will name you as the Quilt artist on the website.

Sari Bari will provide:
• A shipment of Sari’s in a color scheme of your preference
o We will provide enough sari material for not only the described project but enough for your own future personal projects
o You can choose to work with new Sari’s or recycles sari’s depending on your preference
o Materials request and color preferences should be received by Feb 15th for March Delivery or March 15th for April Delivery or April 15th for May Delivery.
• You may request an upfront stipend for estimated materials costs.
o Thread
o Batting
o Backing material
o Coffee ☺

What you should know about recycled Sari’s:
• These are previously used Sari’s
• The material is very thin and very soft
• The saris will be washed before being sent from India and you may want to wash them again before you begin to piece.
• Recycled sari’s have a tendency to stretch when pulled and this may make it hard to work with smaller pieces
• We will send you a lot of saris so you can pick and choose what you think will work best.
What you should know about new Sari’s:
• New Sari’s are highly starched and will need to be washed multiple times for workable softness
• We will need to know the amount of yardage needed and less variety will be available by volume.

If you would like to participate as a Quilt Artist and donate your quilting skills for the cause of Freedom for the women of Sari Bari, please contact with your request for materials including your mailing address and phone number.

With thanks,

Sarah on behalf of all of us at Sari Bari