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A Reflection by Erin

Usually, crooked lines are not encouraged when one is hand sticking an item, but folks, as I began sewing my very first blanket; I saw the lines skirt back and forth in a “non-pattern” on the fabric.  Rest easy, I am not a seamstress, only an enthusiastic, textile-loving individual who found herself sitting among delightful, hilarious ladies who can sew with the best-of-them. As I began the “great thread adventure,” that’s what I’m calling my attempt at sewing a baby blanket, I was, and continue to be assisted and shepherded by the ladies at Sari Bari. I am constantly encouraged and given advice on not just sewing, but all facets of life. As we sit and converse in a Bengali/English mix, peace settles in, and rests like a fragrance over the room.  It’s a strange thing, beginning something new. It’s also so humbling, but one of the most beautiful things about being taught and encouraged, is being able to celebrate the unique gifts that people bring to life and to relationships.  May there be great beauty in all the new beginnings of your lives.