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A reflection by Melissa

I’ve been wanting to sew my own sari blanket. Last week Chaya helped me start an Original Sari Blanket. It was amazing to watch her work. She is an expert. As I watched her tackle the task I could almost watch her think. She was solving problems, working from different angles, making mid-stream corrections to ensure that everything was done right. No detail escaped her attention. Perfection. She knows exactly what she is doing.  She is a skilled artisan, and an incredible teacher. She demonstrated the steps. She showed me how it should be done. She observed as I took over, to be sure I was not missing something.

It would be impossible to count how many times Chaya has started a blanket at Sari Bari. The blankets she has sewn herself, the co-workers she has helped, the new trainees she has taught. I can’t even begin to imagine how high the number is. I wish you could watch her work.  It is beautiful.