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He’s 25 years old, loves Hollywood action movies, and says his sewing skills are quite ordinary.

He’s one of the most sincere and loyal people – a man of his word, who will do everything in his power to follow through on what he says.

This is Sandeep… Sari Bari’s Production Logistics Coordinator.

When sharing his favourite part about working at Sari Bari, Sandeep’s face lights up. “I love seeing the ladies smile when they get their salaries. When I see them happy, that makes me feel happy, more than anything else,” he says.

Sandeep joined the Sari Bari family in June 2013. He’s responsible for receiving orders from customers, ensuring orders are ready by the shipment date, solving problems and answering any questions. “The most challenging part is getting a shipment delivered on time because there are many things that are out of my control. But I give it my best to do everything I can to make sure it does,” he says.


Sandeep completed a marketing degree in college, but he knew very little about production and logistics before joining Sari Bari. “I had some experience working in an office, but this was my first permanent job.” But Sandeep was determined to learn all the ins-and-outs of the job as quickly as possible.

“One thing we learn at Sari Bari is whether you are senior staff or junior staff, we do everything from cleaning the bathroom to sitting in front of the computer. We do everything – whatever comes to us. We never say no to anything,” he says.

Sandeep was born in Mumbai, but has lived in Kolkata for 8 years. “Life here is very fast-paced; faster than other cities. It’s very crowded. People over here are very ethnic and very diverse.”

When Sandeep isn’t at work, you’d find him at the cinema, waiting for the next action flick to arrive in Kolkata (which doesn’t happen very often!). “I love Hollywood action and thriller movies. It’s my favourite time when I get to watch them!”

Written by Nicole Peck