Sari Bari USA is closed for orders. Thank you for your amazing support!

Dear Friend,

I am convinced that hope is only HOPE when accompanied by action. Without a decision to do something, it’s only positive thinking. The hope of equality and freedom from exploitation and slavery includes the brave abolitionists who have gone before us. We join them as we choose to act and step into freedom in our own hopeful journey.

I’m asking you to take another hopeful step with us today.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all, but it has not shaken our hope. We remain resolved to support a platform on which the Sari Bari artisans can stand. However, our resources are now stretched thin and we need your help. I’m writing to you today because I know you have already committed to journey with us even through this difficult time. We are all so encouraged by the many who have purchased from during our current warehouse sale. When you purchase your favorite items, crafted by a Sari Bari artisan, you participate in hope in a critical way, but I’d like to ask you to press on farther as the journey continues to become more difficult.

We need $25,000 as a starting point to sustain Sari Bari through June and into July. Every dollar will help to provide wages immediately to artisans during a mandatory lockdown in India, now extended through the first week of May. Your partnership will allow us to support the continued operations of Sari Bari, and all the ways it provides freedom and opportunity through employment.

This is a critical time for Sari Bari, and we know you share our passion and commitment to stand and join hands with each woman who makes a choice for freedom. That is why we are asking for your help right now. Only through our commitment to each other can we all continue to stand. Only by our decisions will we continue to hope. Today, we ask for a commitment from you for the hope of freedom and a future with Sari Bari.

For Sari Bari to continue, we need you now.

Please hope with us and give for freedom.

For Freedom, 
All of us at Sari Bari