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Hope UPdate

Dear Friend,

In the past week, we’ve been posting updates from some of the women of Sari Bari. Here’s what Tinki, one of our artisans, said when asked how she is dealing with the repercussions of COVID-19,

"I am in trouble because the office is closed, my husband could not go to work, so we are running out of money, I am worried about my father & mother as they are sick and elderly. I have been working at home (hand stitching for Sari Bari), doing household things, sewing, taking care of family, nursing my paralyzed mom. Basically I have lots of things to do. But. I am still getting scared and depressed.”

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I am so glad for Tinki’s bravery to share her real experience. How about you? How are you dealing with repercussions of COVID-10? I know I share some of Tinki’s feelings. I worry about my family. I have a lot to do, but I still feel the emotional toll of our situation. While it is difficult to hear about difficult situations like these, I have found this series to be profound because it highlights our global solidarity. We are all in this together. It’s not a choice, but it is our reality. Similarly, our choice is to hang on to hope as we look to our better days ahead. 

And we know that you are with us too. We’ve been encouraged by your commitment and generosity through your purchases and giving. We are now nearly a quarter of the way to our goal that we shared last week to raise $25,000 to sustain Sari Bari through June and into July. I’m asking you today to continue hoping with us.

Today, I ask you to join us by giving to help provide wages to the women of Sari Bari in the coming days while the lockdown extends, and as we begin to see things open once again. Your partnership will allow us to support the continued operations of Sari Bari, and all the ways it provides freedom and opportunity through employment.

This is a critical time for Sari Bari, and we know you share our passion and commitment to stand and join hands with each woman who makes a choice for freedom. That is why we are asking for your help right now. Only through our commitment to each other can we all continue to stand. Only by our decisions will we continue to hope. Today, we ask for a commitment from you for the hope of freedom and a future with Sari Bari.

For Sari Bari to continue, we need you now.

Please hope with us and give for freedom.

For Freedom, 
All of us at Sari Bari