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A reflection by Erin

As she twirls around the circle, the lines left from age and heartbreak seem to fade from her face, if only for a few seconds.  Impromptu dance parties are wonderful sights to behold, and even more glorious to partake in. One recent afternoon, while we were sewing, and stitching, and laughing, a particularly catchy Bengali song came floating over the radio waves, and the music got turned up.  Soon, people began dancing, and I don’t mean a gentle swaying back and forth, I mean DANCING…high-energy motions that compel others to join in the fun.  The beautiful ladies of Sari Bari have seen, and know intimately some of life’s most tragic hardships – but they still know how to dance, and it is incredible. So, as you journey along, don’t be afraid to spark up a few impromptu dance parties. They are good nourishment for the soul, and you never know who may join in.