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What images come to mind when you picture a hero?

Maybe it’s someone who wears a mask, a cape and has the ability to change into super tight Lycra in an instant? Maybe they save people from a burning building, while their very own theme song plays in the background? Or perhaps it’s a popular person you aspire to become?

Well, we see heroes up close and personal every day.

They wear colorful saris and hum songs under their breath as they work. They relentlessly choose to live in freedom, even if it means walking down a harder path. They wake up each morning, determined to create a better life for themselves and their families.

We’re surrounded by 117 heroes, and each one has a heroic tale to share. Here are just a few…

“At first, I gave up trying to sew after just 2 or 3 days. I left. But then I understood I didn’t have to stay in the line. It was not good for me. So I came back and learned to sew. I didn’t have any love in my heart before. Now I love people and I receive love at Sari Bari.” – Divena*

“There was only fear in my heart before. I used to be afraid of what people would say about me. Now I get respect from people. No one can say anything about me. I’m not afraid anymore.” – Nambi*

“I didn’t know how to sew at first. I said, “I can’t do this. I’m leaving.” But people told me, “You can do it.” I slowly learned how to do the work. Now I do such good work. I learned many things about work as well as about life in the past 9 years.” – Sadia*


But why stop at 117 heroes?! We want to see more heroes emerge from the streets of Kolkata… we want to see more spring into action and become champions for freedom. And that’s exactly what our ‘Heroes Campaign’ is all about.

Sari Bari is buying and refurbishing a new production unit 38 more women can work in freedom. The building will specifically employ women who are at risk of being re-trafficked or who are ageing out of aftercare. These heroes have already been rescued, but they are still vulnerable to the risks of being dragged back into the red light trade. So we want to keep them free and set them on a foundation of hope.

But we need financial support to make this dream become a reality… we need your help. And September is the month to show your support!


Why September? Because we have an exciting matched giving opportunity.

Whatever you give in September will be matched… so you’ll double the impact of your gift. If you give $20, that will equal $40. If you give $100, that’ll be $200. If you give $1,000, that’ll equal $2,000. You get the idea…

Our goal for September is $25,000, so if we can reach that, we’ll actually be raising $50,000. That’s the impact of matched giving!

Our goal by the end of the year is to reach $250,000, which will cover the cost of buying and refurbishing the building; training the ladies; and employing a social worker. We’re nearly a quarter of the way there, having raised $58,065 so far… and this matched giving opportunity in September means we can possibly reach $108,065 by the end of the month!

Can you help us?

There are a couple of ways you can leave a gift of freedom and help us lay a foundation for heroes…

  1. Visit our Sari Bari Giving Store and purchase a gift to meet a particular need associated with buying and refurbishing a new unit
  2. Choose a gift amount and make your donation via Pure Charity


Written by Nicole Peck

*Name has been changed