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Hi, I’m Tinki!

I have been a Sari Bari artisan for the last decade of my life! It has been a wonderful ten years. I’ve grown to a management position where I help the women that hand sew products. Working at Sari Bari has made me feel safe in my position. More than that, I feel proud. I have a new life, a new identity. I learned how to give respect to everyone I encounter and how to work as a team. Sari Bari taught me to believe that nothing is impossible, I can do what I want I set my mind to. The most important thing I’ve been able to learn here is how to manage other people; how to handle situations where people are in different moods and personal feelings are involved.

My job gives me the ability to help take care of my family in each and every aspect. I have healthcare assistance that allows my parents and my daughter to receive treatment. It was impossible for me to bear the expenses alone. I also am able to give my children an education because of my work with Sari Bari. I want you to know how dedicated I am and how hard I work to make beautiful things!

 “There is so much in my life. So much that has already happened (so many dreams have already come true). But I still hope that I can provide well for my children, school and home, a bright future. And that I can care for my aging parents. I believed it is all possible. Where is my hope? It is for my children and their future.”