Gita was only 17 years old when she stepped into the small room where Sari Bari started -- the first day our doors opened.

She was there to teach the first three women of Sari Bari how to sew.

Gita has always done things her own way: by her own rules. She’s strong, stylish, and willing to take on new challenges. Whatever hardship she endures, Gita takes it on.

It’s only a lady with these sorts of attributes who, as a teenager, could risk visiting the red light area to teach women how to sew for a business that was only just starting.

Like Gita, partner with Sari Bari to offer training to more women who are seeking an opportunity for a new life.

Fast forward over 13 years later, and Gita has become a vital part of the Sari Bari leadership team. She is currently the manager of Human Resources.

Watch the interview to learn more about how Gita's work helps women begin the journey to a new life.