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Meet John, the General Manager of Sari Bari Private Limited in Kolkata, India. He first learned about Sari Bari in 2012 after his father passed away.

John was in college at the time, unsure of which direction his life would take, and looked to those he loved for guidance. The more he heard about Sari Bari, the more John realized he needed to be a part of the work that was happening. He wanted freedom for more women.

Become a partner for freedom.

John says, “The first day at Sari Bari was really scary as I felt that I wouldn’t be able to handle all the work and worried about how everyone was going to take me. But after 15 days I got all my work set and understood. It felt like my family just after 15 days.”
It has been over 7 years since John has walked through the red doors.
Watch the interview to learn more about John and the challenges, triumphs, and life at Sari Bari.