Sari Bari USA is closed for orders. Thank you for your amazing support!

Dear Friends of Sari Bari-

We recently invited you to participate in helping us raise the funds we need for our new prevention unit opening up in June. We know $10,000.00 is big number so we wanted to break down into parts that make sense and smaller numbers that are workable for every budget.

If you want to donate $1.50 you can buy a brick or two or three—bricks are important because we use them to keep tension on the blankets as we are sewing. For $20.00 you can pay for the literacy and materials for one woman. For $90.00 you can support one woman with a stipend we offer during training. For $250.00 you can sponsor clean drinking water with the purchase of the water filter. We welcome your participation, large and small. All of it will be a part of creating a space where young women at risk will be able to find safety and opportunity that will give them freedom from the future that could await them.

We love the support you offer us already and are so thankful to have your purchasing power on the side of freedom for all the women at Sari Bari.

For Freedom,


Sari Bari Prevention Unit Start up









Rent for one year



Security Deposit

$ 700.00


Kitchen Set up

$ 250.00


Onsite Manager Housing Set up

$ 150.00


Secure Closet

$ 150.00


Washer (used)

$ 125.00


Dryer (new)

$ 400.00


Water Pump with Labor

$ 100.00


Paint with Labor

$ 400.00


Fans and Electrical with labor

$ 340.00



$ 100.00


Fire extinguishers

$ 700.00


Clean Drinking water Electronic Filter

$ 250.00














Training for 20 women

Total Cost

Per Woman

Training Salary for Three months

$ 750.00

$ 90.00

Heath check

$ 800.00

$ 40.00

Salary Assistance for Management staff


$ 63.75

3 meals per week for trainees for three months

$ 818.00

$ 41.00

3 months of Sewing Materials

$ 465.00

$ 24.00

Literacy, Math and general training materials

$ 400.00

$ 20.00

Bricks for tension on blankets

$ 30.00

$ 1.50