Sari Bari USA is closed for orders. Thank you for your amazing support!

We hope that 2010 is off to a good start for you and those you hold dear. We look forward to an exciting year at Sari Bari! We are pleased to announce two new bag designs in the shipment just posted in the Sari Bari web store – the Minu Sling Bag and the Nomita XL Tote. There are just a few of the newly designed bags in this batch, but there will be many more to come!
The Minu Sling Bag features canvas lining and two inside pockets (one flap, one zippered) and a reinforced canvas ties. They will be priced at $27.00, but there are a few in the web store now specially priced at 25% off, since they lack a button closure, which they will have in future versions.

The Nomita XL Tote, at $28.00, is an expanded version of its predecessor, the Nomita Tote (formerly called the Canvas Strap Bag). The original Nomita Tote measures just under 15” x 15,” and its “big sister” is approximately 16” deep and 19” wide.
There are also a few Parul Bags with bamboo handles in this batch, as well as the classic Sari Bari original throws.