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Quilters Names: Thelma Selvey, Sandy Smith, Brenda Bunch and Leota McClendon


We are honored to donate a quilt to Sari Bari to help in their efforts to help women of India.  Thelma’s mother, Brenda and Sandy’s grandmother Ruby Clements gave us a real love for quilting.  Thelma’s grandmother, our great grandmother Stella Little did quilting for a living to raise 11 children.  Thelma’s sister, Brenda and Sandy’s mother Betty Selvey made many quilts to give to family and friends.

Leota McClendon is a friend of Betty Selvey and wanted to help in this worthy cause.  Leota has quilted many quilts for people in Missouri.  We all are Christian woman and wanted to extend our love and support to the women of Sari Bari.