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A reflection by Melissa

We’ve been here since 10 am.

A day at Sari Bari is full. Full of work, laughter, stories, the radio in the background, tea time, problems to solve, jokes, the occasional spontaneous dance party, lunch break (followed by nap time), and sometimes conflict. (We’re like any other family – we’ve all got our own stuff…conflict at home, stress, personality conflicts, health issues, money worries, miscommunication). You never really know what a day at Sari Bari will hold – but it will always be full.

It’s 7pm. Everyone has packed up for the day. Blankets are folded and stored, needles, thread, scissors and the ever important needle threader are all safely tucked where they belong. Saris have been re-draped, lunch boxes gathered. The windows closed, lights, fans and radio all turned off. Closing time.

It’s been another long, full day – and we gather to close it together. We’re all off to our homes. There are family members to look after, housework to be done, meals to be eaten, friends to see.

But first we gather back together in the room where we started the day. I stand there joking with my sisters. Our work is done, we gather simply as family, and we close our day together.  I can’t shake the feeling that this is sacred space.