Sari Bari USA is closed for orders. Thank you for your amazing support!

Sari Bari wants to invite you to participate in its first ever auction.  Sari Bari is auctioning two unique king size blankets 92×108. Each blanket is made up of the parts of more than 20 saris.  Each section of the blanket is stitched with the corresponding thread color and each patch is artistically applied to bring out the beauty of the over all piece

These Special Auction King Size Bed blankets are artistic tapestries of color.  They have been specially designed for this auction and will not be available for sale on the Sari Bari website.  Our Sari Bari Artisans Laxmi and Pornima gave many extra hours to the stitching and detailing of these wonderfully large pieces of Art.  These blankets are symbols of restoration and hope for Pornima and Laxmi and through their labors the long-term vision for freedom through Sari Bari is pressed forward and the opportunity for the freedom of more women grows!

We hope you will celebrate with us the artistic nature of the work that we do at Sari Bari.  We are in the business freedom, of making the old new, bringing forth beauty and restoring wholeness to that which has been cast off.

The funds from the Auction will be used by Sari Bari toward the purchase of 2 new desktop computers, a printer/scanner,  a server and 2 sewing machines.  We hope that we will be able to raise all or part of the funds needed to purchase these items which are needed to expand our capacity and efficiency.

We hope you like the blankets and throw your hat into the ring for the first ever Sari Bari Auction!  The two blankets will vary slightly in patch placement and patch color but the photo’s give a clear representation of the blanket and color scheme.

Go to the following links to place your bids:

King Size Blanket #1

King Size Blanket #2

Sari Bari Auction King Size Blankets (Download the slide show for best viewing!)