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Rita Brimley


Quilt Name: Elephant March

I have been a quilter for over fifteen years.  I have made numerous quilts for our family.  I have also made hundreds of quilts for Linus over the past few years.  This is my first Sari quilt.  In the past I have predominantly used cotton fabric, but have completed  several denim quilts as well as a  tee shirt  quilt and several using my family’s  ties.  Thank you for the opportunity to work on a completely different media.


Lori Pool & Patty Hockman

Oklahoma & Missouri

Quilt Name: Diamonds in the Rough

A mother and daughter team, Patty Hockman lives in Missouri, and Lori Pool currently resides in Oklahoma.  Patty was taught to sew by her mother.  She in turn taught Lori, her daughter, to sew at a very early age.  Both began sewing garments – for their dolls and themselves.  Both are passionate quilters who have many projects in progress.  Patty is a certified Quilt-in-a-Day instructor.  Lori is a self-professed “collector” of quilt “kits”.  She is a single mother of two teenagers, who also works full-time.  She finds most of her quilting is during small, short retreats where she can rely on someone else to prepare meals and just concentrate on quilting for a few days.  These times are some of her favorite because of the fellowship with fellow quilters.  When Lori asked her mother to join her in making a quilt for the Sari Bari quilt auction, she gladly said yes!  The hardest part was deciding what to do with the Sari’s once they arrived, and compromising between their different piecing styles!  This quilt was constructed with a quilt-as-you go method. “Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern” is by Jera Brandvig. We found it to be a lot of fun to do this technique. As we each did half the blocks hundreds of miles apart and then we met to finish construction, it turned out very well.



McKenzie Gaglianese

Charlotte, NC

Quilt Name: Stitch by Stitch to Freedom

I am a 27 year old insurance broker from Charlotte, NC.  I got into quilting by way of my mother as something we could do together.  I quickly fell in love with this art and use it now as stress relief as well as a creative outlet.  I love having as many different hues as possible with a modern design in each quilt I make.  Last year was the first year I took part in the Sari Bari Auction in way of bidding/winning a quilt.  The quilt also happened to be one of the ones made by the women in which this auction helps. It was more beautiful than I had expected! I am so excited that this year both my mother and I were able to be in the group of the quilters to help such a wonderful organization!