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Posts tagged: Freedom

2019 Annual Report | Passing the Baton

As a runner passes a baton, they do not pick up and carry the next runner on the team. They do not dictate the stride or direct each breath. They pass, they rest, and they cheer on the runners who...

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Still She Rises | 13 years on a freedom journey

The women I have had the privilege of working with at Sari Bari long ago disabused me of the notion that they would be living their lives as victims. The very step of taking a job that provides a tangible...

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Sandbagging the Tide of Human Trafficking

Almost 13 years ago this month we were about to begin Sari Bari:  a freedom business that creates modern Kantha products for the western market while providing employment to women who are vulnerable to human trafficking or exploited by the...

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Why Ten Years Matters

Ten years is a long time. Your whole life can change in ten years. Ten years is a long enough time to grow up and in be in 4th grade already, right? They even have a name for when ten...

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Sari Bari Quilt Auction 2015: Quilter’s Spotlight

Rita Brimley Arizona Quilt Name: Elephant March I have been a quilter for over fifteen years.  I have made numerous quilts for our family.  I have also made hundreds of quilts for Linus over the past few years.  This is...

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