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Beth Pinckney

Charlotte, NC

Quilt Name: Kolkata Meets Provence

My daughter-in-law, Kandyce Pinckney, introduced me to Sari Bari and the
quilt auction, and this is my third year making a quilt. I have been
married to Coty for 35 plus years, am mom to six, mom-in-law to 4, and
Gramma to three. I started quilting several years ago because I wanted to
give quilts as wedding gifts to my children. Two years ago, when our
nest was about to be empty, I helped to start a sewing group for refugee
women in Charlotte, NC, called Make Welcome. I spend much of my time
developing curriculum and project ideas for our sewing class, teaching,
and designing products that the women can sew to sell via our online and
local sales outlets. I love working with the refugee women in our
community and am inspired in this work by what Sari Bari is doing in India
to address the economic, social, and spiritual needs of women.  When I’m
not in the sewing studio, I like to ride my bike on country roads, I’m
training for my second triathlon in June.



Kandyce Pinckney

Denver, CO

Quilt Name:  Phul Bazaar (Flower Market)

Kandyce and her husband Jonathan live in Denver, where Kandyce works in refugee resettlement and sews quilts in her free time.



Patti Coppock & Ann Olson

Tulsa, OK

Quilt Name: On the Border

I have been sewing for 53 years! My mother taught me to make my own clothing when I was young and a few years ago I received a diploma in Apparel Technologies while living in Minneapolis, MN. Before that, my college education was focused on art. I started piecing quilts in 1993. Quilting became interesting to me when I began to see it as an art form. Repeating patterns and beautiful designs have always caught my attention. I am most happy when I am working on a quilt project I love.


My name is Ann Olson and I have been creating ever since I can remember. As a young child and teenager I can remember being taught by Grandma and Mom to sew and piece. I love doing quilting for other people. So with my passion and love of quilting I run my own Longarm Quilting Business, Ann’s Quilt N’ Stuff.  It is wonderful to have a career I love.



Ladies of the Lake (LOL)

North Charlotte, NC

Quilt Name: Red on Point

Our small LOL (Ladies of the Lake) quilt bee in north Charlotte region of North Carolina created an original block pattern, each constructed blocks and contributed to assembling, and  overall machine quilting was done by Teresa Westover.  Members:  Skye McDonald, Sandy Dean, Judy Hoxie, Maggie Farrell, Marian Voorhees, Liz Harris, and Teresa Westover.  Our quilt is called ” Red on Point”, with strips pieced onto flexible interfacing, precut into blocks.



Cindi Gaglianese-Woody

Charlotte, North Carolina

Quilt Name: Pieces of Time

I have been sewing since I was 10 years old. I have a minor in fine arts. I love color, fiber and design. I have done weaving in the past, but quilting is the art form I love the most. Maybe it’s because I get to draw, cut, piece and design. When I see new fabric my mind starts to think of all the wonderful things I can do with it. When the saris arrived, I felt like a child in a toy store for the first time. There were so many different designs and shades of color. When I was working with the saris, I visualized the women who had worn them. How different our lives must be, but similar in other ways. I am a wife, a mother and a lover of nature. I am married to a wonderful man (who tries to understand why I have so much fabric). We have four  incredible grown children who mean the world to us. One of them is even a quilter. Other than quilting I love hiking, biking ,and walking on the beach. I am also part of the CTL Modern Quilt Guild. Working on this quilt for the auction has been a wonderful experience.  And I hope I will be invited to participate again in the future.