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Freedom Quilters: Jill Clayton (Mother) & Kate Bretzke (Daughter) / Maple Valley, Washington, USA

We found out about the opportunity to use one of our favorite hobbies, quilting, to help in a humanitarian endeavor and jumped at the task to create a quilt for Sari Bari.  Because we are mother and daughter, and happen to live six miles apart, we thought it would be a perfect summer activity.  We both love design, color, textiles, quilting and most of all, PROJECTS!  We discussed ideas and the selection of fabric (used saris from Sari Bari) and quickly came to the conclusion that we wanted to make a reversible quilt.  With each of us taking a side of the quilt, it gave us a way to put our own, unique flair into the quilt.  This project has given us the opportunity to work as a team to contribute to the mission of Sari Bari and we are thankful for the time we shared in the creation of our quilt.