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Freedom Quilter: Ginny Carlson / California, USA

My love of sewing started with making doll clothes by hand. I progressed on to my grandmother’s treadle machine and haven’t stopped sewing since then. Quilting is a relatively new love of mine – so much fun playing with fabrics and patterns and watching it all come together. I have an online store where I can indulge in the many aspects of sewing that draw me in. Sewing with saris is a new experience. I love the colors and the life that is behind each sari. I feel privileged to be a part of this project.





Freedom Quilter: Vicki Chang / Washington, USA

I started quilting about ten years ago by taking a beginner’s class with a friend. I have found piecing to be therapeutic, and the design aspect to be a wonderful exercise in creativity. I especially enjoy the added dimension that quilting gives to a beautiful quilt top. Quilting and charity work have always gone hand in hand for me. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in Sari Bari quilts, such a worthy cause.