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Freedom Quilter: Jane Swanson / Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA 

I have sewn all my life:  clothes, costumes, drapes, toys, school projects, art projects, backdrops and upholstery.  But have only been quilting in the last couple years.  I find making quilts the most satisfying because they are creative, functional and is something that will live on long past me.

I feel strongly about participating in the Sari Bari Quilt Project because I have had such a lucky life, never knowing the struggles of many of the women in the world.  I hope that my quilt will benefit some of them.

I would also like to thank my daughter, Lydia, who was home from college this summer and helped me with this quilt.




Freedom Quilter: Kathy Kingsley / Holland, Michigan, USA
I am wife, mother of two grown children, artist photographer and public schoolteacher. I have lived my whole life in the state of Michigan where I enjoy taking photos, painting, hiking, kayaking and teaching art and yoga. I began making quilts in November of 2012 through encouragement from my daughter who also is a quilt maker. Feeling Blue is my fifth quilt that I have made