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Mother-Daughters Quilt Ministry (Florida Branch)

Freedom Quilter: Sarah Pennel / West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

This year Mother-Daughters Quilt Ministry will again have two quilts in the auction.  One was made by the Ohio branch of the ministry and the other by the Florida branch.  Mother -Daughters Quilt Ministry was born from the work and legacy of Marian Griffin–the “Mother” (and Grandmother).  Marian sewed many quilts for her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, missionaries, foster children, and orphans before her death in 2011.  We, her daughters and granddaughters, are endeavoring to continue in her footsteps by not only sewing nice quilts, but by sharing with and ministering to others through the quilts.  While we, the daughters of Marian, do not all live in Ohio, we all share the same heart to minister to others through quilts.  Two of my sisters and two nieces in Ohio made a quilt and I have made one in Florida, thus the two branches of the Mother-Daughter Quilt Ministry.