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Freedom Quilter: Debbie Hinkle / Smyrna, Tennessee, USA

I am a wife, mother of 4, physician assistant by day and “quiltaholic” any spare minute possible. When our oldest son (now 32)  went away to college, I started quilting. In 2010, our oldest daughter went on a mission trip to Calcutta, India. While there, she was able to meet many of the ladies who make the Sari Bari quilts and other handcrafted treasures.

I enjoy taking various pieces of fabric that are often castaways to make quilt. I am often reminded when quilting how people are often considered “too damaged” or “worthless” to be considered useful. When we put ourselves in Christ’s hands, he binds us together and makes something spectacular and unique to be used for His glory. Quilts made of used material when pieced together provide comfort, warmth, hope, beauty and love.

When Michelle, my oldest daughter, told me about the quilt auction fundraiser, I was so excited. How could I refuse? I get free material, a reason to make another quilt to give away and recruit new quilters through the Sari Bari program. I consider it a privilege to help my sister Sari Bari quilters to have ongoing opportunities for freedom, healing, recovery, hope and new beginnings.

Thank you for this opportunity.