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Freedom Quilter: Stacy Wright / Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA

Stacy has been sewing since she was nine years old, starting with clothing for herself and her dolls, then moving on to aprons and Halloween costumes for her son. She started quilting eight years ago, when she needed a way to use up all the scraps of fabric she accumulated over the years. She has made quilts for family members and has opened up a shop on Etsy called Sewright Fine Designs. She has been looking for a cause to support with her quilting skills and was happy to discover Sari Bari. She lives in Stevens Point, Wisconsin with her husband and son and their cat.





Freedom Quilter: Rosie Neave / London, England

I have always enjoyed working with different fabrics and was inspired as a little girl by my mum who ran her own textile design business and my grandma who was an incredible dressmaker. Although I’m only a novice quilter, I like to create large abstract pieces inspired by interesting patterns and designs. This is the second quilt I’ve made for the Sari Bari auction and whilst I’m sewing I think of the happy memories I have of travelling in India.  My Aunty Blue has also made a quilt for the auction this year and, although we don’t live near each other, I love the thought of both of us working on our quilts and we’ve shared a lot of texts about how they’ve been progressing.