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Reflection by Melissa Hayward

At Sari Bari we have an “open door” policy for the children of our employees. There is a 2 year old girl who is at Sari Bari almost every day. She’s an absolute joy. It took her awhile to warm up to me – but now we’re buddies. She’ll run to see me, insist on being picked up (she’s very persuasive!). Like any other 2 year old when you do something fun or funny she says, “again” over and over until I eventually have to say, “this is the last time.” She loves to look at the pictures we have hanging on the walls at Sari Bari, and tell me who is in the picture.

This week I brought in a piece of chocolate to share with her. When I tried to give it to her, she wouldn’t take it – but she told me to sit in the chair, and then she came and sat on my lap. I broke off a piece of chocolate (to show her it tasted good), and ate it. Then I gave her a piece (which she loved). I kept feeding her little pieces, but after a couple, she wouldn’t take anymore. She insisted that I have another piece. On and on we went – sharing a piece of chocolate. And when we came down to the last piece – and I tried to give it to her, again, she insisted that we share.

A 2 year old insisting that I eat chocolate too?!!?!? Absolutely beautiful!