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Reflection by Melissa

Sometimes it’s the little things…that you see – that you notice…and they make you think, and they bring you joy…or wonder…

…i watched my friend packing up to leave SB the other day. She carefully folded the blanket she was working on. She fixed her sari. She worked pretty hard to try and clean all the little pieces of string off her sari (I usually just leave with little strings hanging off my clothes in whatever why they decided to attach themselves to me). And then she looked at the clock and had 5 minutes left until she was supposed to leave. So she started getting thread ready for the next day, so when she came in the next day she’d be ready to start sewing. She was working so diligently – not wasting any time. I can’t say why I thought this was so beautiful – I just did…maybe because she was working so hard. Maybe because she didn’t want to cut corners. Maybe because there was a sense of pride about her every action – a sense of pride that she hasn’t always had in regards to her work. regardless, it was beautiful.

…one of my friends makes “chutney” at lunch almost every day. You or I would call it salsa. She mixes tomato, chili and cilantro – and eats it with her rice. But don’t be confused…its NOT salsa. You see, she uses equal parts chili and tomato (so when she offers it to me I can only eat a little cause its so spicy) – and she uses her hand to squish the chili and tomato, and mix in the salt and cilantro. No knife necessary. For some reason I love to watch her make it.

…today I went into one of the offices before it was open. Only the morning manager was in – and while I picked up the stuff I needed to collect she stopped and we chatted for a bit. I told her that seeing her smile and the way she carries herself gives me joy. Her life and her love of the women at Sari Bari in a word is breathtaking.