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yesterday was the first of the month…payday for sari bari. And the end of the first month of our 7 ladies in training. they got their first paycheck…or really just their first training supplement. And their response was suprising to me and so beautiful. each one of them had a similar reponse…pride! Good pride…that kind that reminds you that are valuable and can do something to make a difference in your own circumstance. They knew from a simple paycheck that their work has value, that they have value. and while we know their value is not in their ability to work…it is step in the right direction for these women to be empowered. for most of them this was their first payday ever from a real job…their words not mine. one lady said from my own trouble i earned this money. i wanted to cry. i am sold out on giving people jobs as a means for empowerment. a job does what a hand out can not…it gives hope and belief in self. these new ladies are so amazing and i am so so proud of them!!