Sari Bari USA is closed for orders. Thank you for your amazing support!

If you sit among us for a while, amidst the Bengali conversation you don’t understand, you will hear the word paribar spoken often. It means family, and along with being a business focused on quality products, customer care and employee satisfaction, Sari Bari is also a family.

At Sari Bari, our employees – our friends, our sisters – find not only an alternative source of income – a vital step in exiting the sex trade – but they find a new community, a new home, a new family and a new chapter of their story. Like many families, we laugh together, sometimes we fight, and what keeps us going is the love that binds us and the hands that hold us as we continue to walk toward freedom.Our family chooses to celebrate Christmas together. Maybe yours does too. We give gifts for Christmas – gifts to our employees and their children. We also gather as a family to celebrate, to party. $20 covers the cost for the gifts and the party for one employee.

This Christmas, we invite you to join your family with ours. As you gather with your family to remember and celebrate and give gifts, will you also help us celebrate with the 100 members of the Sari Bari family?

We need 100 gifts in 7 days! Will you join us? To donate $20 for us to celebrate Christmas with our family, click here!